If you’d like to come and try one of our meetings you’d be more than welcome. They take place on Monday evenings between 8.00pm and 10.00pm, and there’s often an informal meet in the pub afterwards.

The meetings are held in a lecture theatre in Macclesfield Library. It is a fantastic venue, but access to it isn’t through the main library entrance. There is a sign on the library door pointing to the evening meeting entrance, but it isn’t too prominent. You’ll need to go down Brunswick St, down the side of the library towards the Police Station. About 10 paces down there’s a door on the left hand side. (See left hand circle on map). If you go through there and up the stairs to the first floor you’ll find the meeting. Check the programme first to make sure a meeting is scheduled. Note:There is a member of the library staff on the door, who locks it at pretty much dead-on 8.00pm. If you arrive late, you can go to the next door down (next to the police station) and use the intercom to ask to be let in. Do try to be on time though because the meetings start at 8.00

For parking,  drive down Brunswick St, Turn 1st right opposite the Police Station and immediately left into a large car park behind the town hall.(rightmost circle on map). It’s about 50 metres back to the library entrance.Note: Do not park in Jordangate Multi-Storey car park as this closes at 8:00pm.

If you prefer to talk to someone before you come to a meeting, please use this contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

NOTE: If the interactive map on the right doesn’t show, you may need to update your browser and refresh your screen, (press F5). If  after updating, you still can’t see the map, there’s a static image of it here