Vera International - 2023

L&CPU Knockout Competition - 2023

High Peak - 2023 - DPIs

High Peak - 2023 - Prints

Robert Shaw Trophy - 2023

Vera International19th November 2023

As something different we were challenged by an ex-member (Trevor Perry) to an inter-club – international between his past club, Macclesfield Camera Club, and his new club in Spain, Vera International. This would be a friendly inter-club competition and due to the logistics of the clubs’ location (Macclesfield & Mojácar) would be run over Zoom.

Both clubs to provide 24 images, with a maximum of 2 images (although this had to be tweaked) in an open category from any one author. This would be judged by a neutral judge: Brian Law, although a past member and president of the Macclesfield Camera Club, to his credit held no punches or favouritisms.

It was an entertaining Sunday (19th November) afternoon, on what would have been a somewhat dreek and dreary day in November, some of us locals feeling the need to retire to the Park Tavern to share the experience, enjoy a great selection of images and sample the hostelry’s ales.

After an engaging 60 minutes Brian had held back 4 images from Vera and 7 form Macclesfield. These images having been adjudged to have scored 17 or more marks. He then scored each of these 11 images and the result was that Vera scored 362 points and Macclesfield 381.

The top scoring images from Macclesfield were:

  • Dawn at Vasco Da Gama Bridge by Alex White – 20 Points and overall top image
  • Self Portrait by Neela Lal – 18 Points
  • Milly No Mates by Martin Pickles – 18 Points
  • Last Paddle of the Day by Jeff Dakin – 18 Points
  • Times Past by Denis Jones – 17 Points
  • Crested Tit by Dave Tolliday – 17 Points
  • Star Trails Over Little Moreton Hall by Dave Tolliday – 17 Points

All the scores from the competition can be found here: Vera International Scores [PDF] or here: Vera International Scores [MS Excel]

L&CPU Knockout Competition – 18th November 2023

The annual L&CPU competition was held on Saturday 18th November. This is an open competition for clubs in the L&CPU. Its been a while since we entered so we decided it was about time we gave it a go. The competition was entered by 40 clubs from across the L&CPU and whilst we never expected to win due to the high standard and size of clubs across the region we did OK coming a respectable 7th which I think merits an honourable mention

For more details about the competition, winners, rules and results please visit the L&CPU page: L&CPU Knockout 2023. The final scores are listed here: L&CPU Knockout 2023 Result [PDF]. Each image is reviewed gaining a point for each round remaining in the competition, not all images were reviewed due to the number of images on the night. A total of 320 entries from all clubs were submitted, half, 160, were judged.

Our judged entries and their scores:

  • Fun in the Snow by Kevin Blake – 5 points
  • Beautiful Demoiselle Mating by Steve Gresty – 3 Points
  • Dawn at the Vasco da Gamma Bridge by Alex White – 3 Points
  • Maltby Street Gallery by Martin Pickles – 2 Points

High Peak – Inter Club Competition – 23rd October 2023

On Monday 23rd October 2023 the High Peak competition was hosted by Bramhall Photographic Society. The four clubs competing were Bramhall, Stalybridge, High Peak (formerly Chapel) and Macclesfield.

It was an interesting evening with a diverse selection of images across a variety of genres. The competition was won by High Peak who ran away in the first round, which was DPIs. The Prints though was a lot closer competition with just 7 points between the clubs.

The MCC Prints were:

  • Steve Gresty – Mating Beautiful Demoiselle – 20 Points
  • Steve Gresty – Leopard – 19 Points
  • Alex White – Vasco de Gama Bridge 18 Points
  • Jeff Dakin – Last Paddle – 18 Points
  • Alex White – Finnieston Crane – 18 Points
  • Jeff Dakin – Autumn Hedgehog – 17 Points
  • Dave Tolliday – Crested Tit – 16 Points
  • Denis Jones – 15 Points The Water’s Edge

The MCC DPIs were:

  • Kevin Blake – Fun in the Snow – 19 Points
  • Dave Tolliday – Coot Running on Water – 17 Points
  • Kevin Blake – Pine Marten – 17 Points
  • Vince Sparks – Café Window – 16 Points
  • Martin Pickles – Deansgate – 16 Points
  • Vince Sparks – Circles – 16 Points
  • Neela Lal – Self Portrait – 16 Points
  • Martin Pickles – Manchester – 16 Points

Robert Shaw – Inter Club Competition – 12th October 2023

On Thursday 12th October 2023 the Robert Shaw Trophy competition was hosted by Leek Photographic Society. The five local photographic clubs competing were Macclesfield CC, Blyth Bridge CC, Leek PS, Holmes Chapel CC and Crewe CC.

The competition was won by Leek PS scoring a total of 214 points with MCC a very close second place with 211. Crewe CC, Holmes Chapel CC and Blythe Bridge CC came joint third place each scoring 204 points.

The MCC high scoring images were as follows:

  • Alex White – Dawn at Vasco da Gama Bridge – 20 Points
  • Steve Gresty – Leopard – 20 Points
  • Kevin Blake – Fun in the Snow – 19 Points
  • Vince Sparks – Café Window – 18 Points
  • Steve Gresty – Olive Baboons – 18 Points

Alex also won the best overall image of all the club submissions with the wonderful ‘Dawn at Vasco da Gama Bridge’ – well done to Alex. The early riser got the prize!

You can see the detailed scores and thumbnail images from each club and photographer here: Robert Shaw Trophy – 2023 – Results.