Macclesfield Camera Club: Club Policies


Macclesfield Camera Club: Policy on Children and Vulnerable Adults

Macclesfield Camera Club accepts children and vulnerable adults at its meetings and functions only when in the care of a responsible adult.


Macclesfield Camera Club: Data Protection Policy

For the purposes of establishing and maintaining its membership and supporting the activities of the club Macclesfield Camera Club will request the following information from its members :

  • Name (including any photographic awards)
  • Address
  • Home & mobile telephone numbers
  • e-mail address

The club will only pass on information about a member to Photographic associations where this is relevant for competition purposes (e.g Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, Royal Photographic Society).

It is the member’s responsibility to notify the club of any changes to the information held and the club will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of such records.

Upon notification of termination of membership all information regarding a member will be erased from the clubs database.