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Camera Club of the Year

Camera Club of the Year Themes Announced

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T he last themes and their closing dates for the Camera Club of the Year have been announced by Absolute Photo. If you go to their website you can sign up (it’s free) and you’ll be able to see the entries from previous rounds. You can also read an on-line up to date version of Photography News. (That’s the newspaper that is distributed at club meetings).

The final themes are Round 4: Movement, and Round 5: The power of Nature. All themes are open now so I’m sure that Conor will be asking for your pics anytime now.

To sign up go to their website at Absolute Photo

Camera Club of the Year

By Camera Club of the Year, News No Comments

Hi everyone,

Well the results are in, and Macclesfield came 18th out of 55 clubs who entered….ahead of L&CPU neighbours North Cheshire and Chapel. In my view this is a most creditable performance in our first year of entering such a competition. We were only 15 points off first place !!  I think it just shows that with the photographers we have we can think of competing at a higher level. I really thought the themes were reasonably tough ones and our entered images were not at our ‘exhibition class’ standard so who knows what we can achieve when we get good at this !!! Well done everyone.
Macclesfield Camera Club

Camera Club of the Year