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November 2015

Italians showcase Anthony’s talent.

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Italian photography magazine FOTOGRAFI have published a two page feature illustrating the work of club member Anthony Gosling. They have used two of Anthony’s images to explain to their readers the beauty and technical quality of his architectural photography. Anthony was pleasantly surprised with the publication which picked up on his Flickr account “For me, getting some recognition for what we photographers do no matter how big or small that may be is always a satisfying feeling and as a club we must get our images out there! whether it be the local paper, one of the many online photo sharing sites or a print down the local pub, lets share them with the world and you never know what we might achieve!!”

A translation from the Italian ……on the more symmetrical skyscraper image “The very bright sky looks like if it is about to impinge upon the upper part of the building, but the author has managed to preserve the highlights. In cases like this you need to correct the histogram, use the “Raw” processing tools and, if necessary, adjust the contrast. The wide-angle and the symmetrical composition has created an enclosed effect. Reflections have a strong graphic impact, but from a technical aspect require great attention to exposure and focus; here the subject and its reflected image blend perfectly.”

On the One Angel Square image….”The clouds seem to replace the fumes of these hypothetical smokestacks. When photographing the sky, the clouds are an element of the composition hence place them in line with your expressive intent. In this image we can appreciate the management of the light that enhances this futuristic architecture. The wide-angle focal length and the closed framing accentuate the vanishing point. In the presence of glass and steel architecture, look for an angle which enhances the reflections. And remember that in photography the subject is reproduced not for the light that hits it but for that which it reflects.

Well done Anthony, great to see your work get the commendation it deserves.

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High Peak Trophy result

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After a good run of success in external competitions we were well down the pecking order in last nights High Peak Trophy which was won by Chapel-en-le-Frith. The image scores were as follows :


“Alfie & his human have a pint” by Stephen Bolton 20 points ;  “Hunting Owl” by Conor Molloy 18 points; “Girl on a balcony” by Len Claydon 17 points ; “Red Panda” by Steve Gresty 16 points; “Dark Forest” by Alison Lomax 16 points; “Art Lover” by Len Claydon 16 points, “In safe hands” by Paul Scott 16 points, “Journey through a pin-hole” by Val Lear 12 points.


“Osprey with fish” by Conor Molloy 20 points; ” My little brother” by Paul Scott 19 points; “Chasing the ball” by David Tolliday 18 points; “Focus” by Steve Gresty 17 points; “Quarter inch Jack” by Anthony Gosling 17 points; “One Angel Square” by Anthony Gosling 17 points; “Peek-a-boo” by Alison Lomax 17 points; “Arctic Terns feeding” by David Tolliday 16 points.


Next Internal Competition

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Just  a reminder that entries for our next competition are due in by Monday 16th November. The theme is ‘Emotion’ and it is dpi-only.  Please check your entry complies with the sizing and naming conventions and don’t leave it until the last minute !!

The competition will take place on 30th November and be judged by all members present on the night.  A tricky theme so expecting some interesting images.