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November 2018

High Peak Trophy – 2018 – Silver Lining for Macclesfield

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We were defending the High Peak trophy at Stalybridge last night (26th November) which was being judged by Christine Widdal ( This is an annual competition contested between Macclesfield Camera Club, Chapel Camera Club, Bramhall Photographic Society and Stalybridge Photographic Club. It was a well contested competition with 8 PDI’s and 8 prints from each of the clubs with a maximum of two entries per photographers per club. 

At the end of the first round (PDI Images) Macclesfield held a slight lead over Chapel. We managed to get 3 images held back with eventually 2 top scores of 20 points for David Tolliday’s Bearded Reedling with Nest Material and Paul Scott’s Solitude both gaining the top mark and Steve Gresty’s Coyote in the Snow scoring 19.  Chemical Beach By Anthony Gosling scoring 17, Flow by Dave Boam 17, Riga National Library by Vince Sparks, 14, Wet Rocks by Kevin Blake 14 and Zig Zag by Val Lear 17. 

The second round of judging saw Chapel have 5 of their prints held back reflecting the quality of their entry, so they were able to sneak past Macclesfield and pip us at the post by 3 points. Macclesfield had one image held back which was one of only 3 images to score top marks in the print round and this was David Tolliday’s Red Fox with 20 points. Barn Owl in Winter Meadow by Steve Gresty scoring 17, Shield Maiden by Irene Lea 16, Still Afloat by Paul Scott 17, Hotel Cannobio 4 Stars By Kevin Blake 16, Sweep by Dave Boam 17, Grace by Anthony Gosling 18 and Derwentwater by Denis Jones 17. 

The final scores were Bramhall 240, Stalybridge 272, Macclesfield 276 and Chapel 279, so it was so close, but we’ll take the silver medal.