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January 2016

Club claim 3rd place in Round 2 of Camera Club of the Year

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A great achievement by our club photographers who contributed to the Round 2 selection which had a theme of “Brrr….its cold!” We finished that round in third place. Well done everyone¬†we are making good progress. Images for Round 3 are now required the theme being “Patterns and Textures” .


3rd place finish in Round 2 CCOY

3rd place finish in Round 2 CCOY

Camera Club of the Year Themes Announced

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T he last themes and their closing dates for the Camera Club of the Year have been announced by Absolute Photo. If you go to their website you can sign up (it’s free) and you’ll be able to see the entries from previous rounds. You can also read an on-line up to date version of Photography News. (That’s the newspaper that is distributed at club meetings).

The final themes are Round 4: Movement, and Round 5: The power of Nature. All themes are open now so I’m sure that Conor will be asking for your pics anytime now.

To sign up go to their website at Absolute Photo

Conor’s Successful ARPS panel now online

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I’m sure that everyone was impressed with Conor’s successful ARPS panel when he displayed it a recent club meeting; I know I was. We now have it online, so if you’d like another look or if you missed it at the meeting you can find it under the Images & competitions, accreditations menu item above, or you can just click here. Well done Conor.

Conor's ARPS

Conor’s ARPS

Club enters the GB Cup

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One of our aims for 2016 is to get more active in Federation and National level competitions, so our first foray is into the national GB Cup as organised by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. We have entered the nature section and here is a selection of our images. So far we have 14 images from five club photographers but only the top 10 scoring images will count. There is also a prize for the photographer with the best 3 images. Lets see how we get on.

Six Spotted Burnet by Jan Riley

Six Spotted Burnet by Jan Riley

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