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Treacle Market - Cheshire Cheese 2 by Vince Sparks

Macclesfield Treacle Market

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Macclesfield Treacle Market

Each month in Macclesfield and on the last Sunday of the month Macclesfield holds the Treacle Market and it has recently been able to return to a more active event following the easing of Covid restrictions. The most recent Treacle Market at the end of September turned out to be a very well attended with both lots of stalls containing a great of many varieties of goods from food to fauna, apples to zebras as well as lots of happy purchasers and browsers

Prior to the market Vince was able to get very positive encouragement from the market’s organisers for us to come down and photograph it. They were very keen that we take part and help them capture the atmosphere of the market in order to help publicise the event. It also has to be said that all the stall holders were very happy for us to come down and take photographs which made the daunting task of street photography a pleasure rather than a challenge!

So a hardy group of us from the club ventured forth on Sunday with various types of cameras taking various types of images to try and capture the day. The above is just a selection of the many images we managed to capture. The above is just a small selection of the images captured. Thanks to Vince, Sarah, Martin and Kevin for the images.

A big thanks also to Vince for organising this and encouraging us to take part.

L&CPU Natural History – 2021

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We decided to enter the L&CPU Competition this season at late notice and were able to submit our entry into the Natural History section. Due to the high standard of the images, particularly from Steve Gresty and David Tolliday we came third out of 40 clubs tying with North Cheshire. Congratulations in particular goes to Steve for receiving maximum scores of 20 for both his images and equally to Dave for receiving top marks and a 17 for his images. All of our submitted images can be found in the competitions images section on the web site.

White Tailed Eagle Tussle - Steve Gresty - 20 pts
White Tailed Eagle Tussle – Steve Gresty – 20 pts

Photographic Challenge – March 2021 – Time

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To get our mental juices flowing and delve into the wonders of new technology we set ourselves a challenge to capture an image (or three) and process them solely using our mobile devices or tablets. To further push the challenge our images had to relate to the subject of time.

7 of our members rose to the challenge and submitted a total of 17 images with a wide variety of subjects captured. We then presented the images at our Photographic Challenge evening and allowed our members to select their favourite images.

Congratulations to Vince Sparks our resident mobile phone guru for walking away with the most popular image: ‘Dimensions in Time’ which was not only a great image but also demonstrated what was possible using Snapseed. Vince also had the second favoured image (‘Looking Back in Time’) with the third going to Denis Jones for his image ‘Ravaged by Time’.

Congratulations and thanks for all those who took part either in the competition or at the evening where a lot of discussion on the images and also what is possible on mobile devices. Thanks also to Denis for pulling this all together.

Dimensions In Time
Dimensions In Time

All the images can be found below.

Photographic Challenge - Time

2020/21 November Open DPI competition results

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Many thanks to everyone who submitted images for our first competition of the season this was an open themed competition and we were thrilled to receive 41 images for 14 entrants – given the size of the club that is a brilliant effort so thanks and well done .

Congratulations go to Steve Gresty who was the overall winner with a score of 20 points for his image “Carmine bee eater after a quick dip”.

A full list of scores can be found here.

The current 2020-21 league table can be found here.

Steve’s top scoring image can be seen below and the remainder of the top scoring images can be seen here.

Carmine bee eater after a quick dip – Steve Gresty

2019/2020 Internal Competition Update

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Due to Covid-19 interrupting the season mid flow our final competition of last season was cancelled meaning that we only managed four of the planned five internal competitions.

After some deliberation on whether to roll the 2019/20 competition league into the current season we have decided that the 2019/20 season will be closed and the 2020/2021 league will consist of the three competitions as described in the Programme.

So I would like to announce that congratulations go to Dave Boam who in 2019/2020 topped the leader board with the highest accumulated score overall.

We would like to thank Dave for his continued, consistently very high quality contributions to both our internal competitions and external competitions – we value this greatly.