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Season 2018 – 2019 to Kick Off

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Our new season is about to kick off after the summer break and we will be back at Macclesfield Library on Monday 10th September at the usual time from 8pm, until 10pm. We will have some catching up to do with old friends and new. We’re straight into business as it’s not long before we will be defending the Robertshaw Trophy which we regained last season. There’s new faces on the committee and I’m sure new members in the club. We have a full programme once again, so please come along and let us know what you’ve been up to over the summer break. 

Annual Exhibition 2018 At Tegg’s Nose

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Tegg's Nose May 2018

Annual Exhibition at Tegg’s Nose – May to June 2018

Tegg's Nose May 2018 - 1

The Annual Exhibition has moved up to Tegg’s Nose Country Park and can be viewed in the Ranger’s Gallery. This is our third Exhibition of the season and once again shows off the talent in the club. It represents the culmination of an absolutely fabulous season. So if you didn’t manage to get to see the exhibition at Macclesfield Library take a trip up to Tegg’s Nose to enjoy the images and maybe take in the views and a slice of cake. 

Season 2017 – 2018

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Well the 2017-2018 season has come to an end and thank you to all those who came to the club over the season. 

A big thank you to all our members for supporting the club, to all those who have volunteered their time across the season. A big thank you to the committee members again who volunteer their time not just in the season but throughout the year.  Equally a big thank you to all those who submitted images in the internal competitions and external competitions which enabled us to regain both the Robertshaw and High Peak Trophies.

Some items of note though:

  • Congratulation to Malcolm Brunt for winning the President’s Cup reflecting his work over the season. There were a few others who could have so nearly received this, but sadly there is only one cup. They are however worthy of a mention: Irene Lea and Keith Parker, both of whom have contributed so much this season.
  • Congratulations most also go to Anthony Gosling, Paul Scott, Dave Boam and Conor Molloy  who again have shared with us their fantastic images and we’re looking forward to more in the new season.
  • For those who weren’t able to get to the library we will be showing our Annual Exhibition up at Tegg’s Nose over the coming weeks.
  • A big thank you to Val and Vince for putting together such an excellent programme this season. We are always after suggestions and ideas so please don’t hold back. 
  • We were sorry to see Kevin and Alison Lomax depart for more exotic climes but thank them for all their support over the seasons and wish them well in their new adventure. 

There have been a lot of changes during the season and equally a lot of changes in the pipeline. We’ll ensure these are covered in the minutes of the AGM so I hope you will take a few moments to read the minutes of the AGM when they have been finalised, but to headline some of the items:

  • GDPR, how we plan to keep details of members and use this data
  • Subscription, we’ll be reviewing our subscription over the closed season
  • Season Length
  • Changes to the committee
  • Next season’s competitions and potential new cup
  • Exhibition Reprise

I hope you have enjoyed the season and I look forward to an equally enjoyable 2018-2019 season.

In the meantime have a great summer and see you in September, if not before.

Annual Exhibition 2018

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Our Annual Exhibition kicked off last night with the official opening at Macclesfield Library. In total we had 84 prints and 112 PDIs. It was great to see so may prints as only a few years ago we were suffering from a lack of prints. This year the standard was as high as ever so well done everyone who won and well done to all those who entered. A big thank you to Darrell Oakden our judge for the evening and for coping with the technical issues in the 2nd half. 

The winning prints and images, as well as prints and images from across the competition, can be viewed in the gallery at Macclesfield Library. The full list of classified prints and images can be found here: Winning Scores (Excel) or Winning Scores (PDF)

The full set of PDI’s entered is also available to see on the Monitor

PDI – Winners


Print Winners


Best Overall PDI 

Bearded Reedling with Nest Material by David Tolliday

Bearded Reedling with Nest Material by David Tolliday


Best Overall Print 

Duel at the Etihad by Conor Molloy

Duel at the Etihad by Conor Molloy

PDI – Highly Commended


Print – Highly Commended


Success at the PAGB

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We submitted entries in both the Nature Cup as well as the Small Clubs Cup. This was judged over the weekend of the 20th January 2018. The Nature Cup allows us to submit a maximum of 21 images which a maximum of 3 per author, and the Small Clubs Cup a maximum of 10 images with 4 authors and a maximum of 4 per author. Well we did quite well. In the Nature category we’ve up’ed our game from sharing 23rd to 20th in our own right!, but that’s not all! In the Small Clubs we’ve leapt from 39th to 8th and only a couple of points for making it into the top 5 in the country. So well done all and to those who provided images, please keep on up’ing our game.

The full scores can be found here: gbcup_2018

The GB Cup for Small Clubs 2018 Open

Your 10 Highest Scoring Images
1 Leading The Field Conor Molloy   13  
2 Defying Time Paul Scott   12  
3 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Kristina Kokocova   12  
4 Ebb And Flow Anthony Gosling   12  
5 Steadfast Anthony Gosling   12  
6 Splitting The Defence Conor Molloy   12  
7 Safe Return David Tolliday   10  
8 Marrakech Market Dave Boam   10  
9 Mad Hatters Tea For One Irene Lea   10  
10 Portrait Of A Footballer Conor Molloy   10  
  Total 113

The GB Cup for Nature 2018 Nature

Your 10 Highest Scoring Images
1 Juvenile African Jacana On Lily Pads Conor Molloy   15  
2 Carmine Beeeater Conor Molloy   13  
3 Bearded Reedling With Nesting Material David Tolliday   13  
4 Fish Offer Steve Gresty   12  
5 Common Snipe David Tolliday   12  
6 Pied Kingfisher Steve Gresty   12  
7 Puffin With Nesting Material Kevin Lomax   12  
8 Crested Tit Steve Gresty   11  
9 White Peacock Kevin Blake   10  
10 Swallowtail Kevin Blake   10  
  Total 120