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The Sentinel - Winner Landscape - Best overall Print

Annual Exhibition 2019

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Our 2019 Annual Exhibition kicked off last night with the official opening at Macclesfield Library. In total we had 43 prints and 91 PDIs. This was lower than last season in terms of the number of prints and a little lower in the number of PDI’s, but we had a similar number of authors entering. However the standard of the entries was as high as ever so well done everyone who won and well done to all those who entered. A big thank you to Alan Towse our judge for his expert judging on the evening.

The winning prints and images, as well as prints and images from across the competition, can be viewed in the gallery at Macclesfield Library. The full list of classified prints and images can be found here:


The full set of PDI’s entered is also available to view on the Monitor.

The Winning Prints

The Winning PDI’s

All the scoring entries can be found on our competitions images page under Annual Exhibition for 2018/2019. I hope you enjoy them all.

Your Locality competition & 2019 internal competition results

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Many thanks to everyone who submitted images for our fifth and final competition of the season which was for digital images. 

The theme was “Your Locality”, being within 10km of Macclesfield town centre. The competition was judged by Rob Hockney, who is an ex-MCC member, current member of North Cheshire Photographic Society, is highly active with the L&CPU and holds a number of photographic distinctions including DPAGB and BPE5*.  

Rob provided some very direct and constructive feedback, and was keen to point out that from his perspective photographic competitions are about judding the art that is “made” rather than simply a photo that is “taken”. You can see some of Rob’s own work over at his web site  

Your Locality Results

Congratulations go to Kevin Blake for the highest ranking image on the night which was “Curiosity” (the image can be seen below) – scoring a maximum 20 points and gaining 1st place. Kevin also had two other images in the top 5, the remaining held images being from Steve Gresty and Terry Heathcote.

A full list of scores for the competition can be found here.

2018/2019 Internal League Results

As the final internal competition of the year this competition determines the final standings in the league. We are pleased to announce that these are

  1. Kevin Blake – 169 points
  2. Denis Jones – 163 points
  3. Terry Heathcote – 160 points

So congratulations go to Kevin again for gaining a well deseved 1st place overall and to Denis and Terry for their excellent and close placings.

The final 2018-19 internal league table can be found here.

Kevins’s winning image can be seen below and the full list of high scoring images can be seen for this competition here


February 2019 Open Print Competition Results

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Many thanks to everyone who submitted images for our fourth competition of the season which was for prints.  The theme was an open one and the competition was judged by Graham Currey who is both an L&CPU judge and as many of you know is the proprietor of Photo Session Days

Graham provided some great and positive feedback and spent time to emphasise that although this was a competition, photography is best approached “shooting for yourself” and not for the judge. Graham was also particularly generous in sharing numerous anecdotes and thoughts about the images … especially that a number of them would have made great jigsaws!  

We would like to offer Graham thanks for his time and efforts and for covering while the MCC team grappled a number of technical difficulties! You can catch up with what Graham is upto over here at Photo Session Days

Congratulations go to Steve Gresty for the highest ranking image which was “White Tailed Eagle Confrontation” – scoring a maximum 20 points and gaining 1st place.

A full list of scores can be found here.

The current 2018-19 league table can be found here.

Steve’s winning image can be seen below and the full list of high scoring images can be seen here


Out of Bounds by Anthony Gosling

PAGB 2019

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The PAGB Cup was judged over the weekend of the 19th January. The images are scored out of 15, by 3 judges who see the images for about 5 seconds.

The GB Cup for Small Clubs

Congratulations to Anthony for being awarded a bronze medal for his image ‘Out of Bounds’, Best Long Exposure Image. In the PAGB GB Cup – Small Clubs we tied for 10th (out of 56) with Dunsten and Mosley clubs. Once again a very creditable result.

  • Steve Gresty, ‘Sidecar Racers’,12       
  • Paul Scott,’Solitude’,11       
  • Paul Scott,’Alter Ego’,12       
  • Anthony Gosling,’Boat in the Bay’,9       
  • Anthony Gosling,’Out of Bounds’,13,Bronze Medal   
  • Steve Gresty,’Supermarine Spitfire PRX1′,9       
  • Terry Heathcote,’Flower’,9       
  • Irene Lea,’Cig Break’,9       
  • David Tolliday,’Milky Way over La Palma’,10       
  • David Tolliday,’A Snowy Celebration’,12

The GB Cup for Nature

Congratulations to Steve Gresty for a perfect score of 15 marks for his image ‘White Tailed Eagle Confrontation’. In the PAGB GB Cup – Nature we tied a very creditable 25th (out of 86) with Edinburgh, Cannock, Dundee and Southampton and we were only a couple of points behind North Cheshire and knocking on the door of some of the biggest clubs in the PAGB.

  • Tom Tyler,’Young Leopard’,9
  • Kevin Blake,’Longhorn Beetle’,10        
  • Mark Stephens,’White Rhino’ ,9        
  • Mark Stephens,’North Atlantic Grey Seal Emerging’,10
  • Steve Gresty,’Sprit Bear with Salmon’,11
  • Kevin Blake,’Hoverfly on Buttercup’,10
  • Kevin Blake,’Small Burrowing Owl on Guard’,10
  • Denis Jones,’Mini Beast’,10
  • Steve Gresty,’Black Bear British Columbia’,9
  • Steve Gresty,’White tailed eagle confrontation’,15        
  • David Tolliday,’Ringed Plover’,12        
  • David Tolliday,’Red Fox’,12        
  • David Tolliday,’Jumping Red Fox’,12

Thank you to all those who supplied images. A big thank you to Tom for pulling it all together and to Steve and David T for acting as the selection committee.

[Non-]Disposable Camera Challenge

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Following on from last season’s disposable challenge we decided to up the ante this season with a non-disposable camera challenge but still holding back from using modern cameras. Instead Vince kindly lent us some of his film cameras from the 80’s. So the same rules applied, it’s all about getting the image right in the camera. Having learnt about horizons, sticking your thumps over the lens, etc., it was time to use cameras with a little bit more control, aperture setting, distance setting etc. There was a choice of cameras available. This season we had the choice of shooting up to 6 film images, but still not being able to see the outcome until all the film had been processed.

There were some technology issues on some of the cameras but we still had a healthy set of images to review and vote on. So the winners are in gallery below… enjoy, remember this is 80’s technology!