[Non-]Disposable Camera Challenge

By 7th February 2019News

Following on from last season’s disposable challenge we decided to up the ante this season with a non-disposable camera challenge but still holding back from using modern cameras. Instead Vince kindly lent us some of his film cameras from the 80’s. So the same rules applied, it’s all about getting the image right in the camera. Having learnt about horizons, sticking your thumps over the lens, etc., it was time to use cameras with a little bit more control, aperture setting, distance setting etc. There was a choice of cameras available. This season we had the choice of shooting up to 6 film images, but still not being able to see the outcome until all the film had been processed.

There were some technology issues on some of the cameras but we still had a healthy set of images to review and vote on. So the winners are in gallery below… enjoy, remember this is 80’s technology!

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