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By 7th February 2019News
Out of Bounds by Anthony Gosling

The PAGB Cup was judged over the weekend of the 19th January. The images are scored out of 15, by 3 judges who see the images for about 5 seconds.

The GB Cup for Small Clubs

Congratulations to Anthony for being awarded a bronze medal for his image ‘Out of Bounds’, Best Long Exposure Image. In the PAGB GB Cup – Small Clubs we tied for 10th (out of 56) with Dunsten and Mosley clubs. Once again a very creditable result.

  • Steve Gresty, ‘Sidecar Racers’,12       
  • Paul Scott,’Solitude’,11       
  • Paul Scott,’Alter Ego’,12       
  • Anthony Gosling,’Boat in the Bay’,9       
  • Anthony Gosling,’Out of Bounds’,13,Bronze Medal   
  • Steve Gresty,’Supermarine Spitfire PRX1′,9       
  • Terry Heathcote,’Flower’,9       
  • Irene Lea,’Cig Break’,9       
  • David Tolliday,’Milky Way over La Palma’,10       
  • David Tolliday,’A Snowy Celebration’,12

The GB Cup for Nature

Congratulations to Steve Gresty for a perfect score of 15 marks for his image ‘White Tailed Eagle Confrontation’. In the PAGB GB Cup – Nature we tied a very creditable 25th (out of 86) with Edinburgh, Cannock, Dundee and Southampton and we were only a couple of points behind North Cheshire and knocking on the door of some of the biggest clubs in the PAGB.

  • Tom Tyler,’Young Leopard’,9
  • Kevin Blake,’Longhorn Beetle’,10        
  • Mark Stephens,’White Rhino’ ,9        
  • Mark Stephens,’North Atlantic Grey Seal Emerging’,10
  • Steve Gresty,’Sprit Bear with Salmon’,11
  • Kevin Blake,’Hoverfly on Buttercup’,10
  • Kevin Blake,’Small Burrowing Owl on Guard’,10
  • Denis Jones,’Mini Beast’,10
  • Steve Gresty,’Black Bear British Columbia’,9
  • Steve Gresty,’White tailed eagle confrontation’,15        
  • David Tolliday,’Ringed Plover’,12        
  • David Tolliday,’Red Fox’,12        
  • David Tolliday,’Jumping Red Fox’,12

Thank you to all those who supplied images. A big thank you to Tom for pulling it all together and to Steve and David T for acting as the selection committee.

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