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Val & Mark awarded exhibition grant for Barnaby next June

By 24th August 2015News

More good news for Camera Club members Val Lear and Mark Helliwell who have been awarded an exhibition grant for next years Barnaby festival for their work with a local lady, Rachael.

Rachael is a hoarder who was first diagnosed with OCD some 35 years ago. She recently made contact with Val and Mark through the Camera Club, seeking help from willing photographers to help her construct a record of the process  of decluttering the many living spaces in her home. She feels this is vital to her recovery, and hopes that it will lead to her home becoming once again a liveable/navigable space so that some degree of order and contentment will return to her life.

To address the above Val and Mark are designing an exhibition with the aim of :

  • providing a more informative insight into the thoughts and feelings of a hoarder
  • using multi-media to convey the clutter and cumulative claustrophobia of the living space
  • showing how the space changes as the hoarder sorts and clears.

The photos below shows Rachael watching tennis in her armchair , one of the few spaces available to her. Also, a pile of paper that has been used by Rachael to collect and sort her hair.

Well done Val and Mark a terrific accomplishment , I am sure all the club members will come and support you at the exhibition next June.

Barnaby-2 Barnaby-4