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As part of our new season we’re trying to get out more as a group. Following the success of the trip to the Treacle Market we ventured further afield this time to Brum early on a Saturday morning in November. With thanks once again to Vince for putting a plan together and checking up on train times and costs a happy band of photographers met up at Macclesfield station.

To those familiar with Brum and especially the John Lewis building the only sad item on the trip was the fact that it had been clad, we’re not sure why but I’m sure someone will tell us. However the cladding itself made for some interesting images. We then wandered down into the Market area which has seen better days but we were rewarded by some truly stunning street art some of which is in the gallery below. We ended up spending a long time capturing the art.

Then back into the city and the ever impressive library and canal areas. Thanks again to Vince for pulling this all together, The images below exhibit just a small selection of the images captured and we’re planning on presenting more at the club. It is interesting that even though we were photographing the same subjects there is a lot of variety in the final images.

p.s. There are 2 pages of images, so don’t forget to look on the 2nd page 🙂

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